Lifting Capilar 2x1L + 250ml

1,990.00 kr

Do you want a cosmetic with a concentrated dose of nutrients?
Are you worried about the condition of your weakened hair, which requires very careful care?
Do you want to finally feel that your hair is strongly regenerated and deeply moisturized?
Is your hair dull and without shine? Do you dream of perfectly smooth and shiny hair?
Maybe you need a product that will regenerate your hair in a short time? Try INOAR Lifting Capilar, which restores your hair’s natural softness.
INOAR Lifting Capilar provides the hair with a strong extension, deep hydration and deep and very thorough regeneration. This cosmetic perfectly reconstructs damaged hair, provides it with the right dose of hydration and eliminates any losses. In addition, it provides the hair with the right dose of keratin, and thus perfectly complements its deficiencies. The action of the treatment is based on KeraSystem3 and Arginine. These ingredients also eliminate frizz, add elasticity and smoothness and exceptional hydration. Additionally, the vitamin E contained in the composition protects the strands against premature aging and the effects of harmful UV rays. The set is extremely efficient and lasts a very long time.
What do you gain by using the INOAR Lifting Capilar strongly rebuilding hair treatment?
• for hair damaged by dyeing, chemical treatments and sensitized
• perfectly reconstructs damaged hair
• provides the strands with nutritional keratin
• intensively moisturizes
• makes it shiny

• provides flexibility

Restores the youthfulness of hair that has been lost over time or through chemical processes.

Its formula deeply repairs and strengthens hair fibers, providing anti-frizz action, movement, softness, and shine.

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