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What is the effect of INOAR keratin treatment?

Main goal of the treatment is to makes hair healthier, nourished, moistened, soft, shiny, easy to manage, in much better condition. The hair becomes straight and smooth, with maximum control of the puffy hair.

Is keratin treatment safety for the hair?

Not every keratin treatment is equal, but INOAR keratin treatment is totally safety for the hair. INOAR is a brand with 20 years history and experience. Our hallmark is the high quality of the products and spectacular effects. Choosing brand for your treatment you should pay attention on products quality.

When is it possible to wash your hair for the first time after a keratin straightening procedure?

After the treatment, you can wash your hair the same day. It’s necessary to use shampoo and conditioner which is free of salt. strong detergents, alcohol denat. and silicones

Is it possible to perform this procedure on hair extensions?

Yes, the INOAR keratin procedure can also be performed on hair with hair extensions, but it is important that the hair is 100% natural human hair.

Is it possible to perform a keratin hair straightening procedure during pregnancy?

Yes, we have in our offer line which is safety to use for pregnant women- Brazilian Vegan Tanino

Is it possible to perform a keratin hair straightening procedure on children?

Yes, we have in our offer line which is safety to use for children- Brazilian Vegan Taniono.

For which hair can INOAR keratin hair treatments be performed?

For all hair types. INOAR products can be applied to colored, damaged or chemically exposed hair. The INOAR professional selects the best procedure for the client’s hair.

Can this procedure be performed on undyed / chemically untreated hair?

Yes, INOAR keratin treatment can be performed on every type of hair.

How will the keratin product remove from the hair?

Keratin will gradually wash out of your hair. It is then recommended to repeat the procedure.

Is it necessary to use the product only on regrown hair or over the entire length of the hair when repeating the procedure?

The keratin product washes out after a while, so when performing the procedure again, the product should be  applied along the entire length of the hair.

Are INOAR products vegan?

Yes, all our products are vegan and not tested on animals.

Can I buy INOAR keratin products as a privat person?

Our keratin products are dedicated only for professionalists- hairdressers and certified INOAR specialists after course in our Academy. Do you want to start work with our products? Join our course.