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By You


Our World

Inoar is inspired by you: customer, distributor, employee. Our mission is to create and market innovative products and services that promote well-being, quality, safety and socio-environmental responsibility.

Our value and longevity is linked to the ability to contribute to the evolution of society, care for the environment, respect for animals and sustainable development. This is further supported with top performing product formulas accessible to all.

Our Three Pillars

inoar respect for people

Respect for all individuals

  • Consider the surroundings and all human interactions,
  • Social project: Beleza Solidária was created to empower women from different communities, in Brazil and abroad, and is focused on the recovery of women’s identities and their empowerment,
  • Social inclusion: highlight the beauty of diversity and the importance of social inclusion. Insert diversity in our day to day communications without prejudice,
  • Health-safe products,
  • Continue working to better understand real beauty needs and challenges,
  • Provide the customer with the best experience at all points of contact with the brand,
  • Hold our customer service to the highest standards worldwide.
inoar respect for animals

Respect for animals

  • One of our main philosophies is respect for life. We believe that humans, animals and the planet make up a unity and we repudiate those who prioritize financial gains in relation to animal welfare,
  • Animals have value and are not resources. The way we take care of them is a reflection of who we are. Our sense of compassion is one, we are connected with all the species that surround us. Every act of cruelty against any creature is contrary to human dignity,
  • All our products undergo tests, but never on animals. Similarly, we do not use ingredients of animal origin in our compositions. Inoar is on PETA’s “Caring Company” list,
  • Encouraging adoption through campaigns over the years,
  • Use of raw materials of vegetable origin in all Inoar products,
  • Certified vegan products.
inoar respect for environment

Respect for environment

  • Inoar prioritizes investments in systems for treatment and optimization of the rational use of water and energy, with due treatment of industrial effluents. This granted us the Chico Mendes seal 2015 and 2016 for the commitment to responsible social and environmental management. This honor is determined in an analysis made by specialists in the area of environmental law, administration, finance management, environmental management and biology,
  • Selective collection: separation and appropriate collection of the waste, directly in the generating source,
  • We encourage consumers to recycle empty packaging,
  • Recycling of packaging: in partnership with Ecofour company, which transforms disposable items into utensils and furniture,
  • Clean Air formulas: our products do not contain ozone depleting ingredients.

Going Greener

All new Inoar products have been created with our updated philosophy and are 100% vegan. That is, they are not tested on animals and do not contain ingredients of animal origin. In addition, we are working on formulas that are free of silicones, parabens or synthetic preservatives, and we are seeking out more and more botanical ingredients.

Since 2015, the formulas have undergone a review and are being reformulated to make Inoar greener than ever throughout the production chain. Green has always been our essence, much more than just our color. Creating products with botanical ingredients that are natural and cruelty free is not a trend, it’s an attitude that leads our values.

Our Journey

Inoar was officially launched in October 2008. Before that, Inocência Manoel and Alexandre Nascimento, mother and son, already created a name for themselves in the beauty industry. Inocência Manoel, the second daughter of Thomaz Manoel and Elza Brasil do Nascimento, worked for years as a hairdresser and then owned a beauty salon. Since she was very young, she spent much of her time searching for new products and formulated treatments herself that reached the highest level of effectiveness, safety and performance. Therefore, she became known as the Hair Alchemist.

Alexandre Nascimento studied medicine, but was always connected to the sales area. He has represented international cosmetics brands since his adolescence and has become a leader in Internet sales. Together they had access to products of the most varied brands and they understood the market like nobody else. But there wasn’t still a product to represent them.

In the early 2000s, there were several treatments for volume reduction, such as the Japanese Keratin Treatment. They were expensive and accessible to a few and the results were not natural. Therefore, Inocência Manoel formulated herself products she wore in her salon. The results were very natural, and they were also successful among professionals.

Since 2006, Alexandre represented international brands in Brazil, which would open doors among professionals until, at the beginning of 2007. Inocência reached the formula that gave rise to the brand. Smoother and with a new protocol of use, it offered movement to the hair, it was less aggressive and treated the hair before, during and after reducing the volume, offering more security to the hairdressers and clients.

Then the Moroccan Treatment appears. And, with it, the brand Inoar, named by Alexandre Nascimento. The old Inô Hair Salon, located in a neighborhood of Morumbi, in São Paulo, becomes the point of hairdressers in search of courses an information on this more accessible and soft formula of reduction of volume. The the professionals were delighted with the product and application protocols of Inocência Manoel, which mixed liquid keratin with treatment oils for a safe result the hair.

The success was so great, and the requests were so many, that the craftsmansh was no longer enough. The son made the sales and appointments of trainings fo his mother. It was from this combination that Inoar was born.

From its origin, Inoar creates and produces dozens of lines for the treatment of al types of hair. It has the talent and the creation of Inocência Manoel, who has always been involved with the development of new products, Marketing and Communication, and the business management of Alexandre Nascimento. The brand was also the rst to bring to Brazil the Argan Oil, another leader of sales here, and happens to be featured presence in the main fairs around the world, conquering also the foreign trade. Now, Inoar exports to more than 40 countries and has ofces in more than 30 cities around the world. The brand has a portfoli that is synonymous with this diversity, with more than 300 products and growing.

Inoar Co-Founder Marketing Director Inocencia Manoel

Inocência Manoel

Co-founder & Marketing Director

Inoar Co-founder CEO Alexandre Nascimento Manoel

Alexandre Nascimento Manoel

Co-founder & CEO

Social Initiatives

beauty inspires beauty

Beauty Inspires Beauty

Inoar believes that beauty, in its essence, is one of the most contagious forces in the world. Through it, it is possible to transform lives and give people the right to be protagonists of their own history.

Beauty In Solidarity

Beleza Solidária is an Inoar brand project created to empower women from different communities in Brazil and abroad. It focuses on the recovery of women’s identity and their empowerment. With courses offered to the low-income population, the initiative aims to provide women with a path to self-sufficiency in family support

beauty in solidarity