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Are you dreaming about healthy, nourished, soft and beautiful hair like from tv commercial?

Are you tired of long time spent on styling your hair every morning?

After many years of daily hair straightening, have you noticed that your hair is completely damaged?

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before and after using inoar products

What is the effect of INOAR keratin treatment?

First of all, we have to mention that not every keratin treatment is equal. There are many brands on the market producing keratin hair straightening products, but not all of them give the same results.

INOAR is an original Brazilian brand that has been on the market for almost 20 years! It is a brand with tradition, huge experience, but modern product technology. During this time, we were improving the formula of our cosmetics to create perfect products. Therefore, we are unrivaled today and are recognized as the market leader in keratin treatments and vegan cosmetics for home hair care.

INOAR keratin products are intended for professional use only. Which means that you can only buy original products from authorized and official distributor and that the products are sold only to professionals – hairdressers and certified INOAR specialists who have completed a comprehensive training at our Academy.

The main goal of keratin treatment is to make hair:

  • Healthier
  • Moisturized
  • Nourished
  • Regenerated
  • Rebuilt
  • Shiny
  • Smoothed
  • Non-frizzy
  • In a much better condition
  • Straighter
before and after using keratin product inoar

INOAR keratin treatment is progressive, what means that if you are doing treatment regular, after every treatment effect is better and stays for longer! You can enjoy amazing hair for up to 6 months!

before and after using keratin inoar product
before and after using keratin inoar product 5
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before and after using keratin inoar product 3
before and after using keratin inoar product 2
before and after using keratin inoar product 1
using inoar products keratin

Keratin is a natural building block of our hair. through many factors, such as exposure to sunlight, poor-quality hair care products (containing salt and salt derivatives, strong detergents, etc.), bathing in salt or chlorinated water, hair coloring (especially bleaching), keratin defects appear in our hair. When our hair begins to lack keratin, they lose vitality, become dull, rough and prone to damage. They split and break more often because the disulfide bonds inside them weaken. Very damaged hair is usually the effect of keratin deficiency.

During the keratin treatment, we rebuild the hair by injecting keratin into it and replenishing its hair defects. This is a highly regenerative treatment that will give your hair a new life!

Make an appointment for a keratin treatment in INOAR Academy and enjoy great hair!