4D mask top

4D mask 250g

299.00 kr

Hair treatment in all dimensions.

Discover the 4 dimensions of the hair beauty with Inoar 4D. With an innovative formula with

Rejucomplex3, Babassu Butter and Biotin, it acts on hair fiber length, volume reduction, frizz control, for a sealed surface, and extra brightness of healthy strands.

INOAR 4D hair mask, for all hair types, energizes the hair and increases its resistance to harmful environmental factors, strengthens them, promotes healthy hair growth.

INOAR 4D hair mask deeply moisturizes, closes the hair cuticle, thus smoothing the hair surface. The strong and effective components of the product, such as biotin and RejuComplex3 complex, give the hair a natural shine, smoothness and control.

Vegan product. Not tested on animals. Product free of salt, strong detergents, alkohol denat., silicones and parabens. Formulated for quick rinsing, using less water to save the planet; natural resources.

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