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A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”– don’t hesitate any longer and today take your first step into the future with the INOAR brand!

Our daily work priority is high quality in every aspect – customer service, cooperation with business partners, services which we offer and products which we are selling. We help our clients make their dreams of beautiful and healthy hair come true, while maintaining vegan product formulas that are environmentally friendly.

If you want to become part of scandinavian INOAR team, contact us!

1. Offer for hairdressers

Are you a hairdresser and would like to add to your offer INOAR hair care treatments and an increasingly popular treatment, which is the keratin treatment?

Would you like to launch INOAR hair care products to your salon?

Contact us at: or fill the form here

2. Offer for individuals

Are you already working in the beauty industry and would like to expand your range of services with keratin and other INOAR hair care treatments? Or maybe you have always been passionate about hair and finally would like to start working on it?

At our Academy, we offer comprehensive group and individual trainings, during which we teach you all the basics so that you can start working in the field of keratin treatments and other INOAR hair care treatments without prior education as a hairdresser.

After a course at our Academy, you become a certified INOAR specialist in the field of keratin treatments. We issue an official certificate in two languages (Swedish and English) with a unique authentication hologram for each training participant. Completed training entitles each participant to access the professionals zone on our site, to buy products for professionals and to use a permanent discount on home hair care products which you can resell to your customers.

Are you interested in group or individual training? Contact us at: or book a course training via online shop here

3. Offer for candidates for sub-distributors

Do you have a business mind and are interested in the cosmetics industry? Would you like to be part of the INOAR team in Scandinavia and develop a brand in this area with us?

We are looking for subdistributors in specific regions of Sweden, Denmark and Norway. We offer comprehensive preparation training, support throughout the entire period of cooperation, a distributor contract and great quality products – for keratin treatments and for home hair care.

We are looking for people running a business or ready to open it. If you have hairdressing preparation and run your own salon, it’s a big plus for us, but not a necessary requirement. Your main tasks: conducting training for hairdressers and individuals in a selected area, performing treatments with INOAR products, launching INOAR products to hair salons in a selected area, active participation in brand development.

Sounds interesting? Contact us and write more about yourself and your vision of INOAR brand development.

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