CicatriFios Ampoule 45ml

65.00 kr

CicatriFios is the evolution in treatment that offers numerous benefits to an absolutely hair renewed, every day. Its formula, enriched with RejuComplex3, renews, softens, reduces breakage and frizz and it offers progressive volume reduction, for a sealed hair, with extreme brightness, easy brushing and lasting effects.

To prolong the chemical treatments effects, we have the Post-Chemistry CicatriFios. Its highly moisturizing and rebuilding formula keeps the color effect, volume reduction, discoloration and other capillary treatments, to last longer.

Completing the Collection, the Botânico & Vegano CicatriFios has natural formulation, without ingredients of animal origin, and it offers numerous benefits for an absolutely renewed hair, every day.

Treatment ampoule for damaged hair. Inoar Cicatrifios Super Ampola reduces volume, breakage and frizz with extreme shine.

Inoar Cicatrifios Super Ampola promotes an instant capillary plastic that hydrates, aligns and renews the capillary fiber so that the volume and unruly wires are gradually reduced. With 3 doses in just one bottle, it also facilitates clearance, smoothes and leaves a lasting silky touch. Can be used on all types of hair.

Vegan product. Not tested on animals.